White Tree – Snow

White Tree - Snow

‘Fascination’ is a good start when explaining a Korean woman’s attitude towards whitening cream. ‘Tolerance’, ‘irritation’, and ‘peel-the-face-off-the-next-assistant-who-slips-a-sample-in-your-bag’ starts to explain a foreign woman’s attitude towards whitening cream.  It is everywhere in Korea- cosmetic aisles, beauty counters, and gift-taped to a roll of kitchen towel (conveniently located next to the cling wrap gift-taped to a fluorescent light bulb). Practically every beauty brand makes a collection, none of which has a lick of English (bar the fashionable yet illusive English names-note: White Tree-Snow).

As a foreign woman subject to this new world of whitening cream, I made the same assumption most others did: whitening cream is for bleaching the skin. Curious question: Why on earth would I move heaven and earth to obtain a braggable tan only to spend extreme amounts of money to bleach it away again?! That’s just bat-sh*t crazy!

Well, so I thought. Zoe Foster’s blog on primped.com claims that whitening cream is not at all for bleaching the skin but for treatment of pigmentation and overall ‘brightness’ of the skin. In other words, treatment of age spots, freckles and the bane of my existence: my teenage acne scars!! Let’s face it, scarring is scarring but there are ways to get around it. Apparently, one of the major reasons visibility is so high is pigmentation rather than texture. Whitening cream is meant to target this.

Freebee bag

Completely intrigued by this new revelation, I popped down to my local E-Mart and consulted the friendly, overly bright, sales assistant at The FaceShop. She was only too happy to point me in the direction of the whitening section (1/3 of the whole shop!!) and start compiling my freebee bag (massive perk to Korean cosmetic shops). Very typical freebee bag: enough whitening cream to sink a freebee sized boat, bb cream, and a couple of random goo’s void of any clues as to its identity. I ended up buying White Tree – Snow, Facial treatment essence-100ml for 19,990w (Approx. $20AUS). I’m going to apply a small amount to trouble areas, day and night, between toner and moisturizer. Stay tuned to find out about my experimental whitening cream adventures…

BTW- what the hell is bb cream?!


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