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White Tree – Snow: the Results!

Whitening cream – does it actually bleach your face white?! Well, after the initial intrigue (see White Tree – Snow) I’ve given it a red hot go and I have some answers for you! To keep the experiment fair, I … Continue reading

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Life’s Latest Lemonade

It’s no secret that lifestyle adjustments had to be made when I moved to Korea. The language is different; the culinary norms are well outside of my comfort zone; and our accommodation is well and truly ‘economical’. After 2 ½ … Continue reading

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Messy Success(y)

Exfoliant – CHECK. Moisturizer – CHECK. Cellulite prevention – To Be Confirmed… It is no secret that Elle McPherson scrubs her legs with freshly used coffee grounds to prevent cellulite. Apparently, caffeine assists in firming the skin visibly reducing the … Continue reading

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*Magic Wand*

1-snooze, snooze, snooze. 2-coffee 3-inspect damage from yesterdays eye make-up and notice the black smudge from my right eye down to my cheek 4-find clean clothes My morning routine is so well worn that the horrific sight of panda eyes … Continue reading

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Scratch that!

Yesterday, my principal told me she has a secret asian beauty trick. Seeing as she has the most beautiful, blemish free, radiant porcelain skin and looks waaaaaay too young to be a principal/mother of 3, I just had to know!! … Continue reading

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Just add 1/4 cup of LIFE CRISIS

For about 3 years now I’ve been surviving through my very own quarter life crisis. Towards the end of my degree I realized I no longer wanted to be a starving musician, living week to week, my whole self-worth based … Continue reading

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