Scratch that!

Yesterday, my principal told me she has a secret asian beauty trick. Seeing as she has the most beautiful, blemish free, radiant porcelain skin and looks waaaaaay too young to be a principal/mother of 3, I just had to know!!

“Won jang niiiiiim,”I begged, “please tell me your secret.”

She leant over and whispered “…chicken feet…”

I was DEFINITELY not ready for that. She continued on explaining that chicken feet contain a lot of ‘collakin’ (collagen) and improves skin, hair and nails when consumed in high quantities. A quick google search confirmed this alleged ‘collakin’ secret.

Seeing as I’m here with an open mind, never one to decline a conceptually awful/potentially delicious dish nor a beauty treatment relatively unused in the western world, I guess I’m going to have to give it a go. Never mind all 3 of Matt’s friends becoming violently ill after consuming Korean style chicken feet (note: from different locations at different times of year. CAN NOT be a coincidence). You only live once, hopefully this won’t be the last thing I do …


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