*Magic Wand*

1-snooze, snooze, snooze.


3-inspect damage from yesterdays eye make-up and notice the black smudge from my right eye down to my cheek

4-find clean clothes

My morning routine is so well worn that the horrific sight of panda eyes (those of a truly aged and worn beast) barely fazes me. Until my most recent discovery at SkinFood, it was a given that I would forever be baned with the dreaded UMMS (Unmovable Morning-after Mascara streaks). Don’t get me wrong, I tried my best to be a good little glitterazzi and remove all my make-up before bed. Unfortunately, much to the horrors of dermatologists everywhere, this routine usually ending with me prodding, rubbing and stretching the delicate skin around my tired little peepers, often with little success.

You, too?! Never fear. I have literally found a magic wand to cure all woes! Modestly named Eggplant Eye, Make-up Remover bar (4,000w approx. $4AUS. Sorry, it’s only available through the Korean site), this little drop from heaven is a mascara/eyeliner-users every wish come true. Imagine a cotton tip that miraculously soaks itself in gentle eye make-up remover at the twist of a bud. Imagine no more! The creations team (nothing less than angels!) at SkinFood have delivered us this gift at an exceptionally low price.

Being an Asian cosmetics line, the instructions are rarely in English. Lucky for us, little picture instructions have been included on the back. From what I gather (and from a little MacGyver time in the bathroom), all you do is twist the top off, wait a couple of mo’s for the liquid to settle, pop the top back on and Bob’s a monkey’s uncle.

Gentle-swipey dreams dear friends! x

Ps – Don’t be alarmed when you wake up to a gorgeously refreshed morning maiden in the mirror tomorrow


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