Messy Success(y)

Exfoliant – CHECK. Moisturizer – CHECK. Cellulite prevention – To Be Confirmed…

It is no secret that Elle McPherson scrubs her legs with freshly used coffee grounds to prevent cellulite. Apparently, caffeine assists in firming the skin visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite. Regarding this slightly unusual beauty treatment, I have a big fat question: Is Elle’s lack of cellulite due to a highly efficient coffee scrub or a highly efficient ‘pretty gene’? Save for actual scientific research, there really is only one way to find out. I had to get my scrubbing hands on.

Earlier today I concocted a paste consisting of a quarter cup freshly used coffee grounds and a generous whirl of olive oil. In my girl-lair (bathroom) I gave my legs a good scrub down, in circular motions of course. After covering the whole of my legs (and the tiles of my bathroom floor-formerly cream in appearance), I washed off the grainy-oily mix and inspected the results. To my surprise, my legs were soooooo smooth! In my opinion olive oil is the best body moisturizer and coffee grounds make for an excellent exfoliant. As for firming the skin (all things cellulite) I can’t say I have a conclusive opinion. My legs look noticeably better but I can’t say whether it was caffeine induced or not. Does my skin look more radiant from the magical moisturizing properties of olive oil? Perhaps the dramatic exfoliation of the coffee grounds? Maybe from stimulating circulation in the area? Either way, this extremely messy procedure is worthy of my most exclusive pamper days.


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