Life’s Latest Lemonade

It’s no secret that lifestyle adjustments had to be made when I moved to Korea. The language is different; the culinary norms are well outside of my comfort zone; and our accommodation is well and truly ‘economical’. After 2 ½ years I have finally made a huge, tasty vat of lemonade from the excruciatingly bitter lemons that I like to call my ‘bathroom’.

For those not versed in the ways of Korean studio bathrooms, they are as follows:

  • 1 room that contains a toilet, bathroom sink, shower hose on the wall, sometimes a washing machine (check).
  • no walls to contain water from shower hose on the wall
  • slightly angled floors that end at the drain found in the centre of the bathroom
  • either a teensy window that doesn’t open or non at all (check, again)

Essentially, every time you take a shower you need to close your cabinets and cover your toilet paper, your whole bathroom will get wet (including your toilet seat) and there is very little/no ventilation. ‘Horrible bathing god!’ I hear you gasp. Well, it’s only a bad experience if you look at the western luxuries you’re missing instead of all the amazing Korean luxuries you are now getting. For instance:

  • the toilet is the PERFECT height for a leg-shaving stool
  • slap a face towel over the drain, drop a little essential oils down and let the over- sized steam room begin!
  • No matter how messy you get with your lotions, potions, coffee-scrub leg masks (see messy success(y)), dyes or tans, cleaning requires a quick and simple hose down.
  • If you stay on top of the mold, you will always have a sparkly, clean bathroom.

Till next time, you can find me in my girl lair xx


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