White Tree – Snow: the Results!

Whitening cream – does it actually bleach your face white?! Well, after the initial intrigue (see White Tree – Snow) I’ve given it a red hot go and I have some answers for you! To keep the experiment fair, I tested a number of different spots (on my face and hands) and left some areas as my ‘control subjects’. After 4 weeks of day and night ‘whitening’, this mysterious serum has done wonders!! My skin tone has not gotten any ‘whiter’, nor do I don a bleached face. Basically, pigmentation (from freckles and past acne) has started to fade and my skin tone has started to even out.

The myth of ‘bleaching’ can finally be put to sleep!!

Onto a very INTRIGUING DISCOVERY: I was reading through Vogue the other night (I just watched ‘The September Issue’. As if I wasn’t going to pick up the mag!) and I stumbled across a very interesting advertisement. It seems that bigger international cosmetic companies have been selling ‘whitening’ cream to us all along! They just have a name more appealing to their English speaking market. Have you ever heard of ‘Skin Tone Corrector’? Popular brands like Clinique, Kiehls, and even Bobbi Brown have been making it the whole time (minus a label that seems to repel English speaking customers). Here’s what Clinique have to say about their product:

Imagine erasing past damage to create a more even skin tone. In fact, Clinique guiding dermatologist Dr Orentreigh says, “When skin is more even-toned, you look younger.” So here’s your second chance. To virtually undo the visible evidence of sun damage, dark patches, age spots, even the inevitable darkening that follows acne scarring.

Basically, give skin a clean slate. Create brightness and clarity for all ethnicities. Turn back the odometer. Our new skin tone corrector does all that – gently.

Use it twice a day on face, chest, hands. See results in about 4 to 6 weeks. One caution: daily sunscreen’s a must. It’s a fresh start – not a free ride.’


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2 Responses to White Tree – Snow: the Results!

  1. Stacy says:

    Clinique’s Even Better line is great, honestly. I started using it before I came here, and within just a few weeks I noticed that scars and other blemishes had started to fade. Great post, Evalyn!

  2. kimchiowner says:

    Thanks Stacy!! Thanks for stopping by and having a read 😀

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