What the HELL is BB cream?!

Believe it or not, BB cream (Blemish Balm) did not come from Asia. It is actually a German skincare product. It originated as an ointment prescribed from dermatologists to help women who had undergone laser skin surgery. These poor ladies needed some extra gentle coverage with rejuvenating qualities for their post-surgery scarring and redness…Voila! BB cream was born.

Somehow, Korea caught wind of this and started producing it commercially as a beautification product. Korean drama actresses and pop stars were the first to start using BB cream. Coincidentally, these celebrities started to became extremely popular internationally. As their popularity grew, so did the market for their beauty secret. Right now, BB cream is sought after in Japan, China, South East Asia, and slowly breaking into the US and European markets.

So what is it exactly??

In a nut shell: a blessing! Basically, it’s a skincare/healing/rejuvenating product PLUS a make-up. BB cream is a lightweight foundation (buildable so it can be used as a concealer as well), probably closer to a tinted moisturizer, thin enough not to clog pores, a sunscreen, and a skin rejuvenator. It also contains any mix of (but not exclusive to) the following: anti-aging cream, whitening cream, acne treatment, oil-control, pore-tightening cream, and … well, the list goes on.

Unfortunately, this BB dream is not without its flaws. This miracle cream only comes in a select few colors, most brands only releasing 1 or 2 shades per product *sob*. Sadly, I have the skin of a south-east Asian, quite a few shades off the target BB market. Non-the-less, it has been by far the best concealer I’ve ever used. It works as a great ‘zit-zapper’ as well as a cover-all.

BB-cream has earned a permanent spot in my daily beauty routine but until the variety of shades broadens, I’ll just stick to the ever expanding BB-sample arsenal in my bathroom cabinet 😉


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