Global conscience – Part 1: Feed bags

... from Korea?!

Once upon a time, I cared about …

… my carbon footprint …

… my responsibility to society …

… never giving into ‘the man’ …

Let’s face it, as soon as you land in another country, maintaining the integrity of your conscience gets a bit tricky. For the first couple of months, your lifestyle maintenance list (e.g. my chosen responsibilities to the world-as seen above) will naturally grow shorter. Priorities lean towards hygiene (well, at least showering/going for a swim every now and then. I’m ashamed to say that once that backpack is on, the rest can wait. So many exciting adventures ahead!!), nutritional needs (grabbin’ a feed, hopefully something cheap, delicious, unrecognizable, and from a dirty stall on the side of a street), and experiencing everything you possibly can while you have the opportunity to do so.

However, once you settle down, the importance of getting back to your lifestyle maintenance list becomes shockingly apparent. How on earth can you change the world from Korea? Not only are you so far from home but there is a very distinct communication gap between you and your former conscience! Over a series of posts about environmental/global awareness, I’ll fill you in on a couple of tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

Admittedly, this topic get’s fairly heavy so I thought I’d start with something to lighten the load a little. I’m thinking of an internet purchase that gives back, is useful, and looks pretty darn nice. Think ‘save-the-world’ meets ‘city safari’ (this summer’s trend-to-the-max!) I’m talking about a bag, a functional and fabulous carry-all tote to be more precise. Let me introduce you to FEED 2 BAG from

Picture credit:

Not only is it completely on trend, it also feeds 2 children in school (through UN World Food Program) for a WHOLE YEAR!! (Not literally, it would be mean to make a starving child eat from your handbag, let alone make him/her do it for a year. You are a cruel reader, indeed). The FEED 2 BAG is big enough to carry a book, a beach towel, sunscreen, and some wedges. Perfect to take you on your amazing summer getaway and for giving you really, really warm feelings in your tummy ❤

So, how much does it cost to tote around this sack of happy feelings?

It’ll set you back USD$100 plus shipping. A bit hefty? Check out other bags in their collection like Rugby by Ralph Lauren’s FEED HAITI BAG For USD$35 (plus shipping) you can provide 50 meals to the children of this disaster stricken nation.

So maybe give the underground mall’s a skip this season. Sure you can get 10-15 Korean bags for the same price, but I’m sure the starving children of the world would give you a big thumbs up for the effort.


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