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Non-Surgical Eyelid Enhancers: Double Eyelid Tape

For those that haven’t noticed, Korea has a fascination with cosmetic surgery. Sure women are getting botox, tummy-tucks and boob-jobs all over the world but over here, Korean’s have taken it to a whole new level. Walking down the streets … Continue reading

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Top 4 Korean Beauty Foods

We’ve all read the beauty food articles about the positive effects of salmon, avocado, green tea, dark chocolate, red wine. Well, in western magazines/blogs anyways. As far as E-Mart’s “avocado-to-other fruits” ratio shows, we aren’t all on the same magazine … Continue reading

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Global Conscience – Part 2: The airing of the laundry

Got some pre-loved clothes you need to get rid of? Perhaps you’ve just cleaned out your wardrobe or maybe you’re getting ready to move back home. Either way, it seems a little wasteful and impractical to cram all those clothes … Continue reading

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