Global Conscience – Part 2: The airing of the laundry

Got some pre-loved clothes you need to get rid of? Perhaps you’ve just cleaned out your wardrobe or maybe you’re getting ready to move back home. Either way, it seems a little wasteful and impractical to cram all those clothes into trash bags only to add them  to the increasing mounds of already unnecessary landfill.

You need not dump your clothes on the street anymore!

Well, there is a much more practical, convenient and heart warming solution available.      시니어 클럽 (Senior Club) is a senior volunteer run organization that collects your used clothing, mends them back to tip top shape and sells/donates them to people in need. Hold onto last season’s fat pants, it gets even better! They will literally drive to your apartment or school to pick up your old clothes. It doesn’t get much easier than that! All you need to do is ring them up (261-2101 for those in Chuncheon), give them your location and organize a time and place for collection. As this is a volunteer organization, chances are you will reach some lovely ajuma’s and ajushi’s with limited English skills. My suggestion: go buy your co-teacher a present and ask them to do a little translating for you.

Onto an entertaining tangent, let me share with you the finest of inventive recycling from around the world!! (courtesy of  Australian Woman’s Health Magazine)

Pet Hair: The site says it best “IT’S AS EASY AS …1-BRUSH YOUR PET, 2-SEND US YOUR FUR, 3-RECEIVE YOUR YARN” will spin your pets hair into yarn and send it back to you so you can knit that cat hair scarf you’ve always wanted!!

Sustainable jewelery: Want quality jewellery without 20 tonnes of mineral mining waste on your conscience? Check out for jewellery made from recycled gold and platinum.

Sex Toy Recycling … Discretion is name of the game (unless you’re into THAT kind of thing …) when disposing of ‘pre-loved’ sex toys. sells your ‘used goods’ to be recycled into things like running shoe soles and gives you credit for your next purchase in return.

Old tyre, new wallet … Too many tires, not enough wallets? Well has the answer for you. Tyreiwas travel wallet is made in Kenya (under Fair Trade principles) from old tyres that would otherwise be burnt or left to rot.

Happy recycling everyone!


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