Non-Surgical Eyelid Enhancers: Double Eyelid Tape

For those that haven’t noticed, Korea has a fascination with cosmetic surgery. Sure women are getting botox, tummy-tucks and boob-jobs all over the world but over here, Korean’s have taken it to a whole new level. Walking down the streets of Seoul, it’s more than common to cross a woman who has had any of the following procedures: blepharoplasty (eye-lid surgery), craniofacial surgery (changing the shape of your face, specifically jaw-bone often to create the popular ‘egg shape’ and ‘v-line’),  fat grafting under the eye, cheek implants, calf implants, rhinoplasty and so much more! Korea is OBSESSED! And it’s spreading. More and more Asian tourists are traveling to Korea to get their surgery of choice.

In a world of such contrived appearances, what’s a girl to do? You could fork out a tower of bills and weeks of pain for your chance at permanent ‘beauty’ or … you could pop down to your corner Family Mart and pick up a pack of eyelid strips!! (right next to the blinged up bra straps and the nipple covers)

As an Austra-pino, I’m blessed to have my mothers almond shaped eyes and my fathers distinct eyelids. Non-the-less, I’m still fascinated by these little strips of plastic promising all the beauty an eyelid can bring.  So how exactly do they work? How does a little plastic strip and accompanying applicator (not unlike a little plastic fork) give you an eyelid?

According to the folks at “Get It Beauty” (OnStyle late night beauty show), it’s really quite simple.

1- With the end of your applicator stick, poke around your eye socket till you’ve found a good place to put your eyelid crease.

2- Pop on your eyelid tape to match the shape of your desired eyelid.

3- Using the 2-ended prong of your applicator stick, push your eyelid tape as far back into your eye socket as you can before you start seeing stars. If you look like a cat who has been patted too rough, you’re on the right track.

4- Apply eyeliner and eye shadow by the truck load to cover up the tape.

Voila!! You have a non-surgically enhanced eyelid! But how does it actually work? Well, when you push that tape to the back of your skull, it sticks in place keeping some of your eyelid back in the socket.

Tape sound too tricky? You’re in luck! Say hello to eyelid glue. It does practically the same thing just in liquid form. Paint a little along your ‘crease line’, let it dry a little then poke that applicator stick right up behind your eyeball.

Do you get self-conscious about your eyelids?

Ever tried eyelid tape? Every want to?

Are you now secretly checking out all your co-workers eyelids?


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One Response to Non-Surgical Eyelid Enhancers: Double Eyelid Tape

  1. Essie Yao says:

    I’ve been using eyelid tapes for years, but never could figure out how to “cover them” after I put them on. People can often see them, especially when I blink or look down. It’s rather embarrassing. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to cover the tape and make them look less obvious.

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