Why The Face? The Korean alternative to ‘Summer Glow’

Why is it that your local cosmetic shop has a distinct lack of sun? You will find a million and one products in defiance of the sun (sunscreen, whitening cream, illuminator), and rarely will you find any sign of a ‘healthy glow’ i.e. bronzer or fake tan.

Why are Koreans so concerned with sun protection, correcting sun damage, or staying so goddamn white?! Word around the traps suggests traditional hierarchy. You see, back in the ol’ days, farmers and labourers spent most of their time out in the sun , tending to their fields, soaking up the rays. Naturally, they would develop quite the (un)healthy tan. Meanwhile, royalty and dignitaries would spend their time inside, out of the sun (tending to what ever it is they tend to), maintaining porcelain white skin.

So, that explains the mystery of the missing bronzer. What alternative did cosmetic companies offer Korean ladies looking for a little shape in their face? Once again, ‘Get it beauty’ (onStyle) got the answer: Shader. Shader functions much the same as bronzer: to shape and contour the face, but with less ‘sun color’. It literally ‘shades’ your face. Ever so lightly. Ever notice how NON-contoured Korean style make up is?

How does it make you prettier?: Use the shader to slim down parts of your face: sides of your nose, under the cheekbones and around the hairline. Use in conjunction with ‘highlighter’ (shiny white stuff that, well, highlights) to make other areas stand out: bridge of your nose, top of the cheek bones, chin and forehead.


SkinFood's All Over Muffin Cake Finish


Mystery solved. The End.


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