Global Conscience: Part 3 – Creating History

Living the ex-pat life in Korea provides many an entertaining lifestyle: endless parties, cheap booze, adventurous food, multicultural mingling … etc, etc, etc till the han-u cows come home for some beer soaked feed.

BUT did you know that Korea offers a truly expansive list of opportunities outside of the bar? The type to carve the way for a better tomorrow?  Korea serves a truly unique platter of extra-curricular involvements from ‘saving the environment’ to ‘fighting for sight’. Before you ask: NO KOREAN SPEAKING REQUIRED! You can cancel the pre-emptive strike, these groups are made specially for you^^ Now that that’s out of the way, check out just a few of the organisations available to you in Korea:

Get down and dirty with your inner tree-hugger: Korean Mountain Preservation League Like hiking? Tag along with these guys, pick up a little trash, and keep some mountains clean for the next coming generations.

Korean Mountain Preservation League

Can’t bear to see animals suffer? Join The Bear Truth Just a bowl of porridge away from changing legislation, this group has caused such a stir about the inhumane treatment of Korea’s Moon Bear that they hit headlines at BBC:


The Bear Truth - November Campaign. Cheryl and the dancing Moon Bear.

Like to get your runners out and hit the pavement? Why not hit dirt with Team Dirt. This running group provides company and information for all your running adventures, as well as awareness for the rare inherited disease CHM. Ex-Pat FIGHTING … for SIGHT!!

Team Dirt

So, next time you find some random stranger reshaping your barstool bum-groove, don’t wait until that inconsiderate groove-ruiner has a bathroom break to steal back your chair (only to spend endless weekends getting it back into shape). Check out any number of exciting groups awaiting your involvement. You never know, you could leave Korea with a truly unique experience^^


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