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Etude House: WTF?!

If you are looking for novelty-WTF-skincare that might provide minutes of entertainment (and possibly even care for your skin), then check out Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner and First Snow Pack by Etude House. Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner. From afar, this deceptive product … Continue reading

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Is your dry-cleaner your best friend?

Well, is he? He should be!! In Korea, this is the person that makes you feel less like a ‘fat-foreigner’ and more like your usual self aka NOT wearing ill-fitting, tearing-at-the-seams, ‘bought-it-because-it-was-cheap-and-has-sleeves’ clothes. Let’s face it, shopping here is hard. … Continue reading

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White Tree – Snow: the Results!

Whitening cream – does it actually bleach your face white?! Well, after the initial intrigue (see White Tree – Snow) I’ve given it a red hot go and I have some answers for you! To keep the experiment fair, I … Continue reading

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Messy Success(y)

Exfoliant – CHECK. Moisturizer – CHECK. Cellulite prevention – To Be Confirmed… It is no secret that Elle McPherson scrubs her legs with freshly used coffee grounds to prevent cellulite. Apparently, caffeine assists in firming the skin visibly reducing the … Continue reading

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*Magic Wand*

1-snooze, snooze, snooze. 2-coffee 3-inspect damage from yesterdays eye make-up and notice the black smudge from my right eye down to my cheek 4-find clean clothes My morning routine is so well worn that the horrific sight of panda eyes … Continue reading

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Scratch that!

Yesterday, my principal told me she has a secret asian beauty trick. Seeing as she has the most beautiful, blemish free, radiant porcelain skin and looks waaaaaay too young to be a principal/mother of 3, I just had to know!! … Continue reading

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Just add 1/4 cup of LIFE CRISIS

For about 3 years now I’ve been surviving through my very own quarter life crisis. Towards the end of my degree I realized I no longer wanted to be a starving musician, living week to week, my whole self-worth based … Continue reading

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