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B.C. in the R.O.K – The Mystery of Korean Birth Control Solved

Confused about birth control in Korea? Considering a PhD in Korean Mime just to get your annual ‘girly’ check up? Read this first!! Korea is extremely advanced in the world of medicine and technology (I even got a real time … Continue reading

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Global Conscience: Part 3 – Creating History

Living the ex-pat life in Korea provides many an entertaining lifestyle: endless parties, cheap booze, adventurous food, multicultural mingling … etc, etc, etc till the han-u cows come home for some beer soaked feed. BUT did you know that Korea … Continue reading

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Non-Surgical Eyelid Enhancers: Double Eyelid Tape

For those that haven’t noticed, Korea has a fascination with cosmetic surgery. Sure women are getting botox, tummy-tucks and boob-jobs all over the world but over here, Korean’s have taken it to a whole new level. Walking down the streets … Continue reading

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Etude House: WTF?!

If you are looking for novelty-WTF-skincare that might provide minutes of entertainment (and possibly even care for your skin), then check out Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner and First Snow Pack by Etude House. Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner. From afar, this deceptive product … Continue reading

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Is your dry-cleaner your best friend?

Well, is he? He should be!! In Korea, this is the person that makes you feel less like a ‘fat-foreigner’ and more like your usual self aka NOT wearing ill-fitting, tearing-at-the-seams, ‘bought-it-because-it-was-cheap-and-has-sleeves’ clothes. Let’s face it, shopping here is hard. … Continue reading

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What the HELL is BB cream?!

Believe it or not, BB cream (Blemish Balm) did not come from Asia. It is actually a German skincare product. It originated as an ointment prescribed from dermatologists to help women who had undergone laser skin surgery. These poor ladies … Continue reading

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White Tree – Snow: the Results!

Whitening cream – does it actually bleach your face white?! Well, after the initial intrigue (see White Tree – Snow) I’ve given it a red hot go and I have some answers for you! To keep the experiment fair, I … Continue reading

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